HMI, PLC & Controller Repair

HMI, PLC & Controller Repair

HMI, PLC & Controller Repair Company in India

HMI, PLC & Controller Repair

HMI is defined as a feature or component of a certain device or software application that enables humans to engage and interact with machines.

HMIs allow operators to start and stop cycles, adjust set points, and perform other functions required to adjust and interact with a control process. Because the HMI is software based, they replace physical wires and controls with software parameters, allowing them to be adapted and adjusted very easily.

Allen Bradley HMI

Our Allan Bradley HMI’s and Graphic Terminals offer rugged electronic interface solutions in a variety of sizes, operator input methods, memory options and configurations. These robust Allan Bradley HMI’s are fully packaged (hardware, software and communications) and tested for human-machine interface operation. They have earned ratings for high shock, vibration, and temperature. Access your application information over a variety of communication protocols including DeviceNet™, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP.


Hitachi HMI

Hitachi offers a wide range of Operator Interfaces which allow you to choose the best technical and economical solution for your application. Eleven models are available, text and graphic displays as well as touch panels. They are all programmable with the same software. This means additional cost savings and fewer training requirements.


AUO’s dedicated to technical innovation and product differentiation, and continually strengthens its leading advantages to satisfy the diverse needs of the market. AUO has complete 3.5 generation to 8.5 generation production lines and provides display products that cover a wide range of applications as well as smart solutions with software/hardware integration.

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